Frequently Asked Questions
Here is a summary of the questions that are often asked by everyone.
Questions about payment
Q. I want to deposit. What should I do?

A. When depositing, please be sure to apply for deposit from My Page. After receiving the application, information such as the payment destination will be automatically distributed.

Q.Do I need to apply for a deposit every time?

A. Yes. Please make sure to apply for payment every time you make a payment.

Q.Is there a reception time for deposit application?

A.We accept 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Q.I do not know the transfer destination.

A.The transfer destination will be sent by e-mail automatically after applying for payment. If you do not receive the email, please check your email settings. If you still do not receive it, please contact our support desk.

Q.I did not receive a reply email even though I applied for a deposit. Why?

A.The reply mail may be in the junk folder. Please check your spam folder. If you can not confirm, please contact the support window.

Q.How long after receiving money will it be reflected in my account?

A.If the transfer is up to 15:00 on the bank business day, it will be reflected by 18:00 on the day. In the case of bank holidays, it will be reflected until 18:00 on the next business day.

Q.I paid, but it is not reflected even at 18:00 the next business day.

A.The MT5 ID may not be listed. Attach a proof of transfer (screenshot that allows you to check the details if it is a payment statement / web payment) and contact the support desk.

Q.I want to cancel my transfer, what should I do?

A.Cancellation after transfer is not possible. If you only apply for payment, it will be treated as canceled when there is no transfer.

Q.I forgot to enter my MT5 ID when depositing. What should I do?

A.Attach a proof of transfer (screenshot that allows you to check the details if it is a payment statement / web payment) and contact the support desk. If you do not have it, please fill in the name of the bank, branch, transferee, and time of transfer and contact the support desk.

Q.Despite entering the MT5 ID at the time of transfer, it will not be reflected even at 18:00 the next business day.

A.Attach a proof of transfer (screenshot that allows you to check the details if it is a payment statement / web payment) and contact the support desk. If you make a mistake, please contact your bank.

Questions about withdrawals
Q.Please tell me the time from when you apply for withdrawal to when it is deposited into your account.

A.After accepting the withdrawal application, we usually receive 2-5 business days. If you are in a hurry, please apply as soon as possible.

Q.Can I withdraw my money anywhere?

A.Yes. Any account can be used at any bank as long as it is a trading account.

Q.I have applied for withdrawal, but I do not receive money in my account. Why?

A.In addition to the incorrect account information, it is possible that the contact email from us has not been received properly. Please write your name and account ID together and contact the support desk.

Q.Can I withdraw bonuses?

A.Bonuses cannot be withdrawn. You can withdraw the profits obtained by trading using the bonus.

Q.Are there any conditions for withdrawal?

A.You must not have a position and have completed certification of security materials.

About KYC (security materials)
Q.Is KYC certification required?

A.It is necessary to prevent creation of unauthorized accounts.

Q.What is selfie?

A.It is to confirm whether the person is together with an ID card with a face photo.

Q.No matter how many times SELPHY does it, it will not be authenticated

A.There are many reasons, for example, that the ID of the person who has the ID card is not shown up to the point of the elbow, and that the characters and photo of the certificate are not visible. Please move it to the camera so that you can see the characters.

Q.I only have a license, what should I do?

A.You cannot use your license to authenticate with your address certificate, so we always ask you to provide your current address and your name. (Resident card, insurance card, utility bill, bill, etc.)

About Position
Q.If you can not withdraw because you have a position, you can not withdraw. What should I do?

A.You cannot withdraw money while holding a position, so please apply for withdrawal after closing the position.

Q.Position settlement is not possible. What should I do?

A.If you have a MAM account, you will not be able to make an individual payment, so please contact your contracted operator.

Other questions
Q.Is there support hours?

A.Basically, we will contact you on the day or within 24 hours at the reception from 9:00 to 5:00 on weekdays.

Q.Are there any conditions for transferring funds?

A.You must not have a position for transferring funds and KYC certification must be completed.

Q.I forgot my password.

A.Click "Reset Password" on the My Page Login screen and enter your registered email address to reset your password.

Q.No reply, no matter how many times you ask. Why?

A.There is no reason not to reply to your inquiry. The reply mail from our company is in the junk folder. Or it is possible that your email service automatically rejects it and does not deliver it. Please set up to receive e-mail from and and contact us again or contact our Telegram Support directly. In addition, the e-mail address dedicated to inquiries is only or If you want to contact another e-mail address, please contact or again.