Gold trading

Isn't gold the most loved and beloved product in the world? From ancient civilizations to the present, gold has been captivating people around the world. Many are attracted to gold, and its popularity is now evidenced in the investment market.

Gold is valuable in many fields, not just investment, due to its excellent durability, malleability and ductility. Also, its rarity and unique properties are very popular as investments and as always the most valuable precious metals attract many people.

Gold trading at NEXTART
  • Leverage – Up to 500 times
  • Number of transactions – 0.01〜50 lot
  • Transaction deadline – No limit
  • Product CFD

Gold is highly valued around the world as a symbol of wealth and wealth. Before the use of banknotes and gold coins, buying and selling gold was one of the convenient means of trading. Gold, along with silver, has been adopted as a currency in most civilizations. After a barter trade, gold has become available as a fair business and trade. The quest for gold has benefited each culture and has influenced many areas. And that charm is still being handed down.

Gold value

Gold has been loved by people since ancient times. It is used in every field, from precious metals to electronics, aerospace engineering and even money. Its distinctive properties and values are considered to be the most influential metals in mankind. Gold has maintained its value despite concerns over infrastructure and economic conditions. In addition, it has retained its value as an excellent metal for trading currency trading with high standards. The scarcity and attractive appearance of gold represent an intrinsic asset value in the global market. So what is the value of gold?

・High malleability

・Beautiful shine

・Casting with high malleability and ductility

・Excellent electrical conductivity

Due to currency devaluation and volatility, gold is now regarded as a real creditworthy resource in business and investment. Why not expand your trading opportunities with NEXTART's gold and precious metal trading?